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Contemporary home architecture – A Lovable home for Mr. Darshan

Best Architects in Bangalore-Awesome Residential House Design

The Exteriors: A ‘Box’ effect on the front is emphasized by using dark shades of colour and stone finish cladding. Windows & ventilators are arranged to cast ample daylight in the hall and dining areas.

Glass covered corners of windows allow extra light to the inner areas as compared to shadows cast by walled edges. Pergolas above the balcony cast a shadow keeping ample light and air in the area.

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A green patch planned outside within the boundary gives a lush and pleasing look to the surroundings. Shades of granite are extensively used for floorings and entrance steps.

The Interiors: Stairs to the upper floor is fabricated by MS sections, steps grouted in the wall and handrails are topped with wood. Open spaces of the railings are covered with glass panels in place of grilled fillings.


Night lighting by pendant lights hanging from the ceiling illuminate the dining and stairs area.

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A Residential Building in the heart of Bengaluru…

Location: Arekere, Bangalore
Area: 3585 sqft



A Residential Building in the heart of Bengaluru. Origin Projects emphasized on utilizing the natural resources available in this project. A deep interest towards the use of large windows and ventilators was shown, to allow natural sunlight to brighten the house.

IMG_1119The main door opens into an anteroom with a few steps to reach the hall area. A length of French windows fills the hall with daylight. Wooden steps and handrails on fabricated stairs lead to the upper floors. Partial wooden flooring towards the wall and a broad band of laminate on the wall and ceiling breaks the monotony.

An opening in the roof above the stairs fills the area with daylight. The kitchen is planned besides the stairs.

The kitchen, equipped with amenities, two work tables opposite each other, chimney and hob, a fridge, is accommodated in a fairly large area. The storage cabinets find place on the all round chhajjas, sparing the walls. A utility and washing area besides the kitchen avoids soiling the kitchen.

The stairs leads to an area with wooden flooring with access to the rooms on the floor. A well designed opening in the roof and wall enlightens the veranda, giving a view of the sky and surroundings. A curved short wall with gate-post lights gives a feeling of stepping out in the open.