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Versatility of a mirror is open to be explored!

A misconception on the use of mirrors prevails in Indian homes. They are normally used in places as an aid such as bathrooms, above a sink or a wash basin or a dressing table.

The versatility of a mirror is open to be explored.  It can be a tool for a small space owner to give a feeling of depth and space to his home.

Origin Projects -Versatility of a mirror is open to be explored-Blog-Image 1Arranging a group of Mirrors on the wall with frames of the same colour as the wall can give an organized feeling. Small mirrors can be acquired at a much lower or even throw away prices than a large one.

Light up dark areas of your kitchen. Mirrors are easy to clean when greasy. The area behind the stove is usually dark. Place a mirror to enhance the light in the cooking area. Any available light in the kitchen will be reflected. Gluing mirrored tiles to cabinet fronts will reflect areas opposite the cabinet. This can work wonders in smaller areas.

Origin Projects -Versatility of a mirror is open to be explored-Blog-Image 3

Areas of passages or narrow spaces can be lit up by placing a long mirror horizontally. It makes the place look longer. Daylight falling on the mirror will reduce the use of electricity.

Dining areas, a place in the home where the family meets, maybe, at breakfast in the morning or dinner at night. Light moments, views and the day being shared. A mirror will work wonders to soften the light around with just the right amount of light on your dinner table.


Mirrors touching the floor will give you a sense of being tall making the space look lighter and brighter. The reflections give you the feel of the ambience of design of your home.

Place the mirror to reflect a component thought of your home, which you desire to have, maybe, unaffordable at times.


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