Recessed Lighting – An unsurpassed revelation . . .

Ideal for use in a variety of home settings, recessed fixtures are high on the list when it comes to versatility in both style and application. Uniform light patterns that is bright and comfortable, ideal for living and family rooms. Recessed fixtures can be used to accent areas such as bookcases and artwork fireplaces and wall hangings kitchen islands or counter areas.

Rec. Lights.2

LED recessed lights, also known as “LED can lights” or “LED downlights” can be used for a wide range of residential, retail and commercial applications. “LED” stands for “Light Emitting Diode”, which is another way of saying that it’s a computer chip, semiconductor diode that emits light.

LED recessed lighting uses solid-state technology, which allows effective dimming in many applications and eliminates flickering. Use different dimmers to create zones of adjustable lighting throughout a room or home.

Rec. Lights.1

These types of lights being more efficient than incandescent or halogen lighting, this type of lighting emits very little heat reducing the load on air conditioning and cooling systems. Additionally, LED downlights do not emit damaging ultraviolet or infrared light, so fabrics and artwork can be illuminated without color deterioration. Also, high quality LEDs produce better light that shows color more effectively than fluorescents.

  • Being ideal for a variety of home settings, recessed fixtures are highly versatile in style and application. For designing in accordance to your needs, some easy steps can be followed to determine the fixtures that would suit the requirements.
  • General Illumination: Uniform light patterns installed in living and family rooms that are bright and comfortable.
  • Special effects illumination: Highlighting features of home accessories such as pieces of art, wall hangings, sitting areas, book cases or kitchen islands, counter or cooking areas can be accomplished. With a little planning, recessed fixtures can be used to emphasize these features.

With growing lighting technologies, shower trims allow for recessed lighting to be used in wet locations.

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