Open Kitchen, a need for family space. . .

With the need for larger living spaces, the concept of an open kitchen was adopted in large expensive cities with space constraints in dwelling areas. Adopting Western culture, this came as an answer to the need for a family living space in India too, combining kitchen, dining and living areas.

Open Kitchen.1

An open kitchen has many functions to fulfill. In the kitchen area – the cooking range, the oven, microwave, fridge, and other gadgets need to be accommodated in such a way that they stay out of sight or blend with the decor. Pull-out trolleys for larger gadgets which can be kept out of sight after use and fixed places for the smaller ones can be planned.

Open Kitchen.2

Away from the cooking area, an island work-table can be planned for activities such as chopping, kneading, washing with a single bowl or double bowl sink. It is easy to maintain and hassle free. The area below the sink can serve as a hidden storage for dirty dishes and waste bin when converted into a cabinet.


Storage facility for provisions, pots and pans, an electric chimney and an exhaust fan are a must to keep the area free of odours and hot air. A space and electrical provision for washing machine and a unit to partially segregate the kitchen from the rest of the area can be planned with a high table for breakfast or buffet.

A multipurpose table which could serve the purpose of dining or study can be positioned equidistant from the cooking area and fridge will be ideal. A pull-out or foldable table works well in small spaces.

A comfortable sofa, easy chairs and throw cushions in the living side with a music system and television that can be viewed from the kitchen is an ideal complement to the space.

Fitting the décor, hanging lights over the dining and work areas, floor lamps or shades in corners to soften the effect, book shelves, shelves or cabinets to store accessories, cassettes and CDs, music system and other such utility accessories can be accommodated.


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